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Life As A Zombie

Is it just me or do you wake up in the morning basically already IN your TO DO list?

Some days when I am not being mindful of it, I can literally open my eyes to begin the day and after saying good morning the next thing out of my mouth is something about the next thing on my list! And it’s usually something super boring like “I need to remember to call Bunnings today.” Urrrgh.. What an unsexy way to start a new day!

Welcome to today’s dose of wisdom.

Today we are talking about:

“Being Intentional with our time”
Recently I became aware of Brendon Burchard who wrote “High Performance Habits.” I gobbled up that book. It is backed by some extensive research into the high performance habits of world leaders and real movers and shakers. It looks at what that bunch of people collectively do that are similar and that get them having a well-rounded, high performance life.
I loved it.
When you distill it down it is about getting super intentional about what we are doing. About developing consciousness about how we are SPENDING our time (my words, not his).
He gets you to:
– Get clear about your values and goals (CLARITY).
– Spend time generating physical energy to fuel your system (ENERGY)
– Understand your WHY (NECESSITY)
– Get laser focused on what you are doing so that you can be productive in a meaningful direction (PRODUCTIVITY) rather than being productive in a misdirected way.

– Explore how you can be a good leader and support for others (INFLUENCE)
– And push into the hard, uncomfortable spaces (COURAGE).

So these new insights have been percolating within me.
I also bought his “High Performance Planner” too. It invites me to tune in with it each morning and each evening to make an intentional arrival into my day and a reflective exit at the end of each day.

New habits take a while to establish roots. In the last few days I have started to witness the difference between waking up and going about my day kind of “asleep” and zombified by my to do list versus waking up and starting the day in a conscious and intentional way that is focused around my values and the things that matter.  Time IS so precious and when we really “get it” that it is precious, then we can get more intentional with how we use it.

If you are interested in checking out that book. Click here

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