New Program for new parents coming soon!

Becoming a new parent can be daunting and bewildering. It is the most challenging lifecycle stage in our human lives. 
I have developed this program to respond to the shared struggles of 1000s of isolated new parents I have worked with in my therapy room.
It has also been birthed as a result of my own experience in navigating this stage of life myself as well!
It is intended to bring new parents together, to reduce isolation and support you with the roadmap you need
to move from overwhelmed and struggling, to calm and in control.

– Bite sized wisdom
– Self Paced Steps
– Community to support you
– Weekly group calls
– Cheat sheets to master this time of life. 
– Tons of resources

new program - communication after separation coming soon!

Managing communication after separation can be brutal!
Often we anticipate that “once we have separated, it should all ease up” but often that isn’t the case!
Many of the same “conflict loops” and stuck, tug-of-war, circular ruptures keep happening.
Even though we know it isn’t healthy, many find it hard to break the pattern of conflict.
The wisdom in this program has been developed in response to my own separation journey over a decade ago
as well as through providing therapy to 1000s of individuals and couples moving through separation in my work. 

– Support to unhook from the post-separation conflict loops that we get stuck in!
– Understand why you get hooked in the first place!
– Weekly Coaching calls to sound out specific cases together
– Specific language, words, scripts to use in moments of challenge
– Strategies to “drop an anchor” when the emotional seas feel rough.
– A community of other like-minded separated individuals to cheer you on as you unhook!

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