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Remembering the Good Stuff

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Remembering the good stuff

It is easy to get bogged down in the daily grind. Easy to hang on to all the stuff that is not working or needs fixing. Easy to forget the beauty and forget all the things that we are rather than fixate on all the things we aren’t.

I was reminded of this during the week when I was looking up the details of a dance class I was told about. It is called That’s My Jam and it’s here in the Northern Rivers, NSW. It is a class for women of all shapes and sizes and they FULLY rock out. Looking on their website, to be honest, I was a bit daunted about how amazingly IN their bodies they are. They are just dancing for the joy of the dance without a care in the world about the package they are dancing in.

I felt incredibly moved by that. Then I felt sad that I was moved by that because it shouldn’t be that I need to be celebrating that this small pod of women are able to courageously feel embodied and body confident – it should be the norm, not the exception.

It was kind of a cool illustration of the flaw in our culture: We are so focused on our sense of lack that we miss what we have. We shy away from whats possible when we are focussed on that lack.
In this context of dance, we get so focused on whether our bodies look right that we forget how wonderful it is that we even have a body to begin with!  Amazing bodies that move. The way they look is virtually meaningless when we zoom out and remember it’s a miracle we have a body and a gift when they are healthy. That is worthy of celebration.

The same occurs in relationship when we mourn what is missing and forget what is in front of us. Or in our lives we focus on what is absent and we miss what is present.
Enjoy what is in front of you this week x

Warmly on Wednesday,

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