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Remembering What It’s All For

Renovating your house can really suck.

So many calls to make. 

So much expense. Tradies either arriving unexpectedly at the crack of dawn, waking me from sleep in a panic and forcing me to stumble to the front door in my pajamas OR they don’t turn up at all. The house in disarray as stuff is moved to make way for the work.
This has been my life over the past month. At the end of a busy day, returning to a chaotic home can end up creating disillusionment.

Welcome to today’s dose of wisdom. Happy Wednesday!

Today we are talking about:

Remembering what it’s all for 

So with all the commotion at my home this month I have been observing myself ride the waves of messy chaos. Witnessing the turbulence of this time and the narrative I have had at times about “how disruptive all this is!”. Watching my internal narrative on some days when I have complained about the mess in the house or the delay to the building work being done.
Watching my exhausted “hangry” self at the end of a weekend spent lugging pavers across the garden. Noticing the annoyance at the rubbish created by the builders.
It is SO EASY to forget the ultimate WHY when we are in the middle of chaos.

For me this month it has been the chaos of building and renovating at my home.

For others it could be the chaos of life with small children. Or endless piles of washing. Or endless tasks for work. Or an endlessly messy home.
It is easy to forget what we are doing it all for.  To get caught up in the judgment of the moment and forget the whole point we are doing all this in the first place.

I/we have worked so hard this month on projects in our home because my ultimate WHY is so that I have a home that my family and I can delight in. We have created spaces that we can use for quality time together. So we can enjoy our life at home together.
It is easy to forget the whole bloody point when you are knee deep in sawdust, mud and bruises from pavers knocking into your shins!

Coming back each day to ask ourselves to remember the Ultimate WHY feels important. WHY we are working so hard.
Making sure that ultimate WHY is aligned deeply with our core values.

So long as it is, then we are always winning even when we are feeling like we are drowning in the chaos.

I encourage you get to know your ultimate WHY – what’s the bloody point behind those moments that we may struggle in. So long as the reason feels meaningful to our ultimate plan, then it is worth the struggle and the chaos of the moment.
In dialing in that WHY, we can also transform our relationship to the chaos.

Warmly on Wednesday,

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