What is the new parents tribe?

Your complete program to master new parenthood.

A tribe to support you and a map to guide you through this complex transition:

  • Focused support for YOU specifically about adjusting to new parenthood. 
  • Understand why things feel challenging for you, your baby and your co-parent / partner. 
  • Tools to make life flow with a new baby.
  • Steps to strengthen or rediscover your relationship with yourself.
  • Roadmap to ‘baby-proof’ your relationship with your partner. 
  • Steps to get in control.
  • Return to community connection and reduce isolation.
  • A safe, supportive place to talk about the ‘shadow side’ of being a new parent.
  • Opportunities for heartfelt connection with other new parents. 
  • Tactics to navigate extended family dynamics

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Benefits of Therapy

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