Family Therapy

Family is a term used loosely. It doesn’t only refer to a nuclear family but rather any group of individuals who require support to work through challenges. All are invited to come to Family Counselling. 

Families are like a little ecosystem, all members are interdependent in various ways. Change in any element within that family system will have ripple effects that will impact all members of that system.  It is for this reason that Family Counselling is important and powerful to maintain relationships and connections when change happens in your family system. It keeps communication alive through all the twists and turns of life. 

Family Counselling can be an incredibly useful forum to create movement and open up opportunities for sharing and healing for issues that otherwise feel hard to resolve or painful to talk through as a family on your own. 

A non exhaustive list of Reasons that families may come to counselling include but is not limited to:
– Support family members to communicate their feelings and needs so that every voice can be heard without conflict getting in the way
– Help families make big decisions with everybody’s input
– Enable families to grieve together and process a traumatic family event together
– Assist parents and adolescents/children come to agreements and share feelings and needs without conflict
– Provide support and feedback between kids and parents during times of separation
– Supporting families at all the transition points in the family lifecycle such as when there is a new partner, marriage, remarriage, separation or divorce, a new baby in a blended family, moving into adolescence. 

For more information about the specific types of therapy that I use, please check out my About My Work page

Benefits of Therapy

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