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Self Care in the Holiday season

Imagine heading into the holiday season and feeling serene and grounded.
Imagine going to visit with your family and feeling centered and calm no matter what.

Welcome to today’s dose of wisdom.
Today we are talking about:

Self Care in the Holiday season

So if your life feels similar to mine, things feel like they are ramping up. There are lots of plans brewing or thoughts percolating about the holiday period coming up.
Many of you have talked to me about angst in anticipation of family events.

This is the time to start re-fitting your oxygen masks on. Coming back to selfcare.

For some families, the holiday time is a time of connection and joy. For other families it can be a time of stress and managing complex personalities and challenging dynamics.

As you start to plan out the next few weeks make sure you take some time to slow yourself down, breathe and check in with yourself first before saying “yes” to anything.
Maybe for some of you, before you attend any social events that may be challenging, take a moment to imagine covering yourself in Telfon so that you are totally a “non-stick” surface!

Wishing you an easeful holiday season.

You keep asking and each Wednesday, I will answer.


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