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Reflecting on the Year that has been

Today we are talking about:

Reflecting on the year that has been
For many of us, this year (and the last few years) have been immense. Personally, communally and globally, we have been marinating in uncertain times.
Collectively we have been impacted by each other’s reactions to the uncertainty too as we are soft wired to each other through our mirror neurons.
We have been swimming alongside each other as we have been recovering from the impact of floods, losses, homelessness, politics, war, covid… there is a big list. For many it has been a turbulent time.

Many patients I see talk about how they still feel flat even on their own good days. They notice feeling the collective consciousness and the shared experience of the people around them. They talk about feeling heaviness around them if not within them. We affect each other and it has been a huge year for many.

As we close out the year, let’s be gentle with ourselves and each other.

Take some time to reflect on your year:
– What were the highlights?
– What lessons did you learn this year?
– What were the areas for growth?
– What can you feel grateful for?
– What will assist you to move powerfully into this new year.

Give time for reflection.
Give time for catharsis.
Give time to take inventory.
You keep asking and each Wednesday, I will answer.

Warmly on Wednesday,

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