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Making It Count

Imagine starting this year with a spring in your step and a laser focused mind?

Imagine releasing from all the weirdness of the last few years and start FRESH.

Imagine feeling alive and inspired each day?

Welcome to today’s dose of wisdom. Happy Wednesday!
Today we are talking about:

Making it count

There is lots of dialogue about new years resolutions that gets bandied around. It is a buzz word and resolutions typically have varying levels of effectiveness.

If you want to set off for 2023 with intention, then I would suggest that a little planning is involved to execute on those resolutions you might be making or thinking.

Think about it this way: If you imagine your “resolution” is like the outermost layer of an onion then your “core belief” is the inner most layer of that onion and all the layers of the onion in between are the action steps to make it happen.

Ie Resolution: to quit smoking this year
Innermost belief: I am no longer a smoker
Action Steps: I will remove all ciggies from my house, I will buy some nicobate patches.

If you are one for writing your resolutions, be sure to operationalise them into action steps AND notice what your core belief is about it.
If you want to quit smoking but your inner story is only “I am trying to quit” then you are far less likely to execute on the action steps. If it is “I am no longer a smoker” then this narrative will heavily support you taking the action steps.

Be resolute about your resolutions.

We need to change our internal belief and the story we tell ourselves if we want to create powerful change in our lives.
I encourage you to keep on sending me your questions – things that you ponder: tools you want in your toolkit to make life and relationships smoother.

You keep asking and each Wednesday, I will answer.
Warmly on Wednesday,
Happy New Year

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