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Staying Present and Connected

Welcome to today’s dose of wisdom. Keep on sending me your questions & things that you ponder- tools you want in your toolkit to make life and relationships smoother.
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Staying Present and Connected

So for some people, January is a time of school holidays. For others, even those without kids, January is still part of “silly season” where the Northern Rivers gets basically overrun by tourists. Our parking areas, shopping areas, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants… basically all public spaces get crowded and busy. It’s busy – physical spaces are busy and we are impacted by this extra movement of people in our local area.
Some people feel enlivened by this hive of activity during this holiday period and others feel exhausted by it.
It is easy for our nervous system to get activated by the rush of people around, the different pace of life, the buzz of holiday makers all moving about purposefully. There is more to hold.
In our own families, it can be easy to get triggered by kids with competing demands. It can be hard to juggle numerous responsibilities of work alongside school holidays. Getting around generally can take a little longer than usual. For some people the holidays can be expensive and stressful.

To buffer the impact of this silly season on ourselves it can be good to:
1) Firstly just be aware of how our surroundings impact our nervous system in the first place. Our mirror neurons cause us to be influenced by the people around us. See the 2 min you tube clip on this fascinating phenomenon by clicking the link!

2) Secondly, spend that extra bit of time grounding and reconnecting with yourself – reminding yourself about why today is important to you. Breathe deeply, slow down and reset. Come back to yourself and your own energy while disengaging from the frenetic energy around you in the community.

3) Thirdly take some extra moments to tune in to the activities or people that matter in your life. Reminding yourself to stay present to the moment you are in.

This is a good practice for this silly time. It is also a great way to live out this year. I’ll do it alongside you too.
You keep asking and I will answer.


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